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Borderline Personality Disorder Day Treatment: An Overview

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BPD day treatmentThere are many available treatment options if you are seeking to begin recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD day treatment is one choice that offers many of the same benefits as residential BPD treatment but doesn’t require you to be in treatment around the clock.

For many people, Borderline Personality Disorder day treatment is a great way to transition out of residential treatment. For others, day treatment may best suit their needs as they begin treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Before beginning any type of BPD treatment, your individual needs will be thoroughly assessed to determine which level of BPD treatment is most appropriate for you. Assessments typically include a review of any prior treatment, prescription medications, family history of mental illness, and co-existing conditions.

What to Expect in BPD Day Treatment

In BPD day treatment, you will spend a majority of your day dedicated to your recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. You will likely spend between six and eight hours per day, five days a week, participating in day treatment.

In day treatment, you will receive individual sessions with a BPD therapist, attend group therapy sessions, engage in such activities as yoga and mindfulness practice, and address issues such as substance abuse or eating disorders that commonly co-exist with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Using an integrated approach to Borderline Personality Disorder recovery means that aside from psychotherapy and medication, you will be encouraged to apply yourself to learning life skills and forming healthy habits that will continue to benefit you enormously throughout the rest of your life. Courses on nutrition, exercise, and vocational training offer you the opportunity to round out your BPD recovery. This holistic approach works to give patients an entirely new way to approach life post-treatment.

Benefits of BPD Day Treatment

The goal of BPD day treatment is to teach you how to live a balanced life. Acquiring skills that you can apply in all areas of your life will give you the best opportunity to succeed in your endeavor to overcome the most debilitating aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder.

By supplementing the interpersonal skills and mindfulness techniques taught and practiced in BPD therapy with practical life skills, BPD day treatment provides the guidance and support needed to replace your old, dysfunctional behavior patterns with positive new ones.

During BPD day treatment, you will be able to live either at home or another place of your choosing. Depending on your life situation, this may be preferable to entering full-time residential BPD treatment. Day treatment allows for more flexibility while still giving you the individualized treatment you need to make a recovery from your BPD symptoms.

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