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Where to Find True Stories of People with Borderline Personality Disorder

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True stories of BPDLiving with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or having someone close to you suffer from it can lead to extremely trying circumstances that can feel isolating and impossible to explain to others. BPD can cause people to behave in destructive, destabilizing ways that increase conflict and unhappiness in their own lives and those of their loved ones.

It is often difficult to imagine that anyone else could understand the level of chaos that symptoms of borderline personality can cause in our lives, and the corrosive effect they can have on families and relationships.

I began my own investigation into Borderline Personality Disorder when I realized a family member was more likely than not suffering from it. I was seeking any and all Borderline Personality Disorder facts I could just to get a grasp on what we were facing and how we could cope with the symptoms of borderline personality. Although the educational, research-based information I found was invaluable, I was most grateful for all of the personal experiences people had shared online that gave me a sense of profound gratitude in knowing that my family was not alone in our struggle.

Online BPD Support

The first time I read true stories of people with BPD on a support group forum, I was floored by how much of it I could relate to. Let’s be honest, BPD can bring about some situations that others might find hard to believe. Visiting sites that contain true stories of what others have been through is a very validating experience. You immediately see, through reading others’ stories, that there are many folks out there who have gone through great difficulties and lived to tell about it with grace, dignity, and strength. is one site dedicated to providing families and loved ones of those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder a safe place to vent, share stories and advice, and gain insight into the BPD experience. There are forums for people in an intimate relationship with a person who has BPD, people with BPD parents or children, and people who are navigating legal issues that stem from BPD-related crises.

I’ve shared stories on the site myself, and have been truly overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit, the loving support, and invaluable advice I was given by other members. This site is a gift for those in need of community and fellowship – and that’s all of us!

Similar sites exist for people who have Borderline Personality Disorder to share and give one another support through their journeys, as well. Being diagnosed with BPD can be isolating, stigmatizing, and frightening. Knowing that others are struggling through the process of becoming more self-aware and taking proactive steps to recover from the symptoms of borderline personality can alleviate some of the feelings of being misunderstood and alone.

Other sites that you may find useful include the following:

  •, which provides links to BPD support groups for friends and family.
  • is an excellent site for both Borderline Personality Disorder facts and support.
  • provides a variety of forums for friends and families, from all walks of life.

While online forums can offer you support, sometimes it’s valuable to hear the true stories of people with BPD from the people themselves. “Back From the Edge” is just one online BPD video that contains firsthand accounts of living with symptoms of borderline personality. There is something powerful to be said about seeing and hearing real people discuss their experiences.

Linehan’s Brave Reveal of BPD

Perhaps one of the most encouraging true stories of all comes from Dr. Marsha Linehan, professor of psychology at the University of Washington and the woman who developed what is currently believed to be the most effective treatment available for those with BPD, Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Linehan spoke in an article for The New York Times about her own struggles with BPD, and how it inspired her to find a treatment that could provide relief to others like her.

Where else have you found helpful true stories of people with BPD? Leave them in the comments below.


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