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8 Ways You Can Treat Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety self-helpSocial Anxiety Disorder is very common for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It often co-occurs with BPD, but may also appear following BPD treatment, when you are feeling more vulnerable and trying to assimilate back into society. Emotions are running high and many people tend to develop the overwhelming habit of worrying.

Social Anxiety Disorder causes people to feel a sense of dread, panic, and self-consciousness when in social settings. The physical signs of social anxiety, or social phobia, include sweating, nausea, speech difficulty, flushed skin, and tremors.

These symptoms can often be managed through self-care. The following tips can help you to successfully manage Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms. If you aren’t able to get your anxiety under control following these tips, you may need to seek out Social Anxiety Disorder treatment.

Treating Social Anxiety Disorder Yourself

  1. Get regular exercise. It has been proven that exercise reduces stress by increasing certain chemicals within your brain. Take some time to develop your own exercise program, exercising at least two hours each week.
  2. Get plenty of sleep. Many people who have Social Anxiety Disorder also suffer from insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night. If it helps, keep your bedroom dark with minimal noise and minimize the number of electronics in your room. This will reduce distractions and increase your ability to fall asleep.
  3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Foods that are low in fat and cholesterol are two main staples of a healthy diet. Avoid eating chocolates or drinking beverages that contain caffeine because they can increase anxiety levels. When it comes to your diet, choose foods that are low in sugar and contain whole grains.
  4. Drink tea. For many years, tea has been used to help treat anxiety and stress. Certain flavors of tea can reduce tension and calm the nerves. Some of these healing teas are chamomile, orange spice, and thyme.
  5. Try therapeutic aromatherapy. Certain smells can alter your mood and produce vivid memories. Using aromatic essential oils can improve your state of mind due to these triggers. For example, using lavender oils has been shown to promote relaxation. This is a great tool that can be used to calm feelings of social anxiety.
  6. Take daily vitamin supplements. Boosting your physical health by taking vitamins can help your body to run at peak condition. Many supplements are able to fight off symptoms of social anxiety, allowing you to avoid sickness associated with anxiety. Some of the most beneficial supplements are magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins.
  7. Try water therapy. Hydrotherapy, a form of water therapy, allows you to relax in a water environment. Social anxiety can manifest itself in physical ways, but using water will help you relieve some of the tension caused by anxiety.
  8. Recipes for Social Anxiety Disorder. Certain foods can help to reduce your levels of anxiety:
    • Eat celery and onion, raw or cooked, with every meal. Each contains high levels of potassium and folic acid. Deficient levels of potassium and folic acid can actually cause nervousness.
    • Drink fresh orange juice. Your heart is affected by social anxiety, often causing it to work double-time. If your heart begins to race due to social anxiety, drink one cup of orange juice with a dash of honey and nutmeg added.

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