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What to Do When Your Child Refuses Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

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Whether your child is just into their 20s or well into adulthood, you may find you’re having difficulty getting them to enter Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) treatment. Your child may be in denial about their diagnosis or simply unwilling to get BPD treatment. But you know it will help. So what do you do?

Here are a few ways to swing their decision the other way if they are not relenting.

Educate Your Child about BPD

You may come off as pushy, but continue to make efforts to educate your child about Borderline Personality Disorder and its treatment. It is imperative for them to understand the nature of the psychiatric disorder that they are diagnosed with. Knowledge of the problem and the fact that it is surmountable may spur your child’s desire to get better.

Validate Their Feelings

Since an individual with Borderline Personality Disorder suffers from symptoms such as unpredictable mood swings, compulsive behaviors, and unstable relationships, they are quite likely to feel misunderstood. This can lead to people with BPD feeling lonely, unheard, and unaccepted. One of the first steps toward getting your child to say yes to BPD treatment is to try to be empathetic toward their feelings and actions. Tell them you understand why they behave certain ways at times. If your child feels you understand them, they are more likely to listen to your advice on getting BPD treatment.

Explain the Benefits of BPD Treatment

Perhaps your child does not trust treatment or understand how it could actually help them. Take them to a therapist or BPD treatment center that can better explain how treatment will work to improve their BPD symptoms. If possible, make arrangements for them to meet people in BPD support groups who can explain how treatment helped them recover from BPD. Such steps could go a long way in changing your child’s perspective on not getting BPD treatment.

Show Tough Love

When all else fails, it might be the time to practice some disciplinary measures. For example, if your daughter has refused BPD treatment for a number of months, deny her financial help. This may seem like manipulation or sound contradictory to providing validation, but sometimes it’s just essential to show some tough love. The key here is to be balanced. Be understanding, but warn them that they will not be allowed every comfort until they decide to enter BPD treatment.

Promise Some Perks

Perhaps your child has been longing to take piano lessons? You could entice them into entering Borderline Personality Disorder treatment by promising to buy them a piano once they complete treatment. Or maybe they want their own apartment? Tell them you’ll help with rent if they opt for BPD treatment and sincerely adhere to it through the entire course.

As a parent, it’s very important for you to not give up, even if your child continues to be disinterested in Borderline Personality Disorder treatment. BPD treatment will improve their BPD symptoms and give them the tools needed to live a more functional life.

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