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BPD Residential Treatment: What to Expect

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BPD residential treatmentIf you have made the decision to enter Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) treatment, you have already taken a big step toward your own recovery. Residential treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder is an excellent option for kick-starting your journey to a more balanced life.

BPD residential treatment is a full immersion into the process of BPD recovery. Clients in residential BPD treatment centers benefit from being removed from the stressors and triggers that come up in daily life. They can step back from the immediacy of life’s problem to focus strictly on BPD recovery. Not everyone seeking treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder can afford the time it takes to spend several weeks in a BPD residential treatment center, but it is an excellent option, especially for those whose symptoms have become unmanageable.

What to Expect from BPD Residential Treatment

When entering a residential treatment center for BPD, clients are assessed thoroughly to see what their treatment needs are, as well as to check for the presence of any other disorders, such as eating disorders, anxiety, or depression. Medications may be prescribed to help reduce related symptoms so that patients have a greater ability to face the challenges of therapy without undue stress.

The same goals apply in any BPD therapeutic setting: to teach patients to tolerate negative emotions, improve their interpersonal relationships, and achieve greater control over destructive impulses. In order to achieve these goals, patients are taught a set of coping skills that are essential to BPD recovery. Like any skills, they take time, practice, and dedication to master. And, of course, the more effort you put into that process, the faster you can achieve results.

In residential treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, patients participate in regularly scheduled individual sessions with a therapist and attend a variety of group therapy sessions, such as body image, mindfulness, and art therapy. Many BPD residential centers integrate meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage, and exercise into their programs to offer a thoroughly holistic approach to recovery. Some programs teach basic life skills as well, including nutrition and life skills.

A Safe Place to Heal

Residential treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder is an incredible opportunity for those suffering from BPD to step completely outside of their daily routines and the conflicts in their lives and give their full attention to the process of healing. It is possible in BPD residential treatment to create the time and space required for real reflection and the acquisition of new life skills. The camaraderie and support inherent in BPD residential treatment can also help create a safe place to heal.

After residential treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, clients should be ready to take new steps on their own to continue healing. BPD day treatment and outpatient BPD treatment are options that offer a less intensive approach to therapy while still keeping clients on track with the ongoing process of recovery.

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