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5 Reasons You Should Choose a BPD Day Treatment Program

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bpd day treatment programWhen it comes to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) treatment, you have a lot of options. You can enter a residential treatment program for BPD, which will provide you the full-time support and structure you need to better manage your BPD symptoms. You can participate in an outpatient treatment program for BPD, which will allow you to live at home and retain your daily routines while still getting needed BPD treatment. 

One option you may not be aware of is one that fits in the middle of residential and outpatient Borderline Personality Disorder treatment – day treatment. A day treatment program for BPD provides you a similar level of support as a residential program but allows you to live at home or at a transitional living home while receiving treatment. 

So why would you choose a day treatment program for Borderline Personality Disorder over a residential or outpatient treatment program? Here are five reasons you may want to consider it: 

1. You need more structure and support to manage your BPD, and have the hours to devote to treatment during the day. A BPD day treatment program will typically have six to eight hours of treatment per day, meaning you can’t have work or school obligations that would interfere with your treatment. If you are working or in school full-time, and aren’t able to take time away from those commitments, you may want to consider outpatient BPD treatment. 

2. Your BPD symptoms are more acute than would be appropriate for treatment at an outpatient treatment program. That means your BPD symptoms are interfering with your ability to maintain healthy relationships and a productive life. Day treatment provides you more focused treatment in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to target your BPD symptoms faster and return to your daily routine. 

3. Day treatment programs can help you to stabilize your BPD symptoms more quickly by providing more containment through a structured daily treatment program. You will be able to build a stronger foundation of healthy coping skills in a shorter amount of time. 

4. You’re unable to participate in residential treatment for BPD. You may have family obligations that don’t allow you to leave for at least several weeks to get needed BPD treatment. A day treatment program for BPD will incorporate your family through family therapy and family programs so that your family obligations don’t go ignored. 

5. You have co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed. When you have Borderline Personality Disorder, there’s a good chance you’ll have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or an eating disorder. A day treatment program for BPD will also address these psychiatric disorders for a more comprehensive recovery. Make sure to find a BPD day treatment program that offers what you need, such as relapse-prevention, body image groups, or yoga therapy. 

As with any type of Borderline Personality Disorder treatment, make sure you do your homework before making a decision. Call the BPD day treatment programs that look like they’d be a good fit for you to find out what types of therapy they offer, the number of groups available to you each day, and the amount of training that their staff has.

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