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4 Reasons to Choose DBT Day Treatment

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DBT day treatmentIf you are on the fence about whether to choose a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) day treatment program or an outpatient or residential program for DBT, here are five reasons why a DBT day treatment program may be right for you:

1. Balance

DBT day treatment falls nicely in between the intensity of a residential program and an outpatient program.

A DBT day treatment program provides the structure of a residential DBT program but allows you the freedom of your own life on the off hours. This gives you a chance to bring what you are learning into your everyday world immediately.

Because you will be in treatment six to eight hours a day, you will be getting more support than you would in a traditional outpatient DBT program. This support may be just what you need if you are struggling with the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder or emotional dysregulation.

2. DBT Skills

You’ll learn the same four Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills in a DBT day treatment program as you would in a residential or outpatient treatment program, and you’ll be able to work on them in your own environment on a daily basis.

While in DBT day treatment, you’ll learn the following four skills:

A DBT day treatment program will give you the skills needed to better regulate your emotions, maintain healthier relationships, and lead an all around more satisfying, fulfilling life.

3. Chance to Practice

While you’re in DBT day treatment, you’ll have the chance to practice the skills you are learning on your own turf, daily. While a DBT day treatment program is still a place of structure and safety, it is not in quite the same bubble as a residential program. Because of this, you will get the opportunity to challenge yourself, taking what you have learned that day with you into the outside world.

In a true Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment program, you will be able to call a DBT therapist for phone coaching for times you need it after hours. That means, even though you are not in an around-the-clock treatment environment, you can still get the support you need.

4. Individualized Plan

A good DBT day treatment center will help you determine your personal needs for treatment and will also assist you in designing a plan for your continued health once you have completed your program.

Maybe an outpatient program is right for you, or individual therapy. Or both? Maybe continuing holistic practices such as yoga? Look for a DBT day treatment program that offers this type of personalized design for its patients.

Remember that DBT day treatment is just one of many options when it comes to treating Borderline Personality Disorder. Whether it’s residential, day, or outpatient DBT treatment, make sure you pick the program that is best for you so that you can make a successful recovery from your BPD symptoms.

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